Novel excerpt

To my dearest and most secret readers,

     This week I wanted to share with you an excerpt from the novel, Fighting with Angels, to give you an idea of how demons can have an influence on us…


Noah turned to leave, but was stopped short by Mr.

Thompson. “Oh, excuse me, Blane. I almost ran into you


     “Could you spare a moment, Dr. Crawford?”

     “Actually, I’m right in the middle of something. Do

you think we could make an appointment?”

     “I’d like to get back on board with the Cube project,


     “But Blane, you’re head of the robotics division now.

Is there something wrong with your new promotion?”

     “Sticking me in an insignificant division on the second

floor is not what I call a promotion, Noah,” Blane

responded firmly.

     “Insignificant?” Noah protested. Not only was he not

accustomed to Blane referring to him by his first name,

but he also did not enjoy his assessment of his new position.

“Need I remind you that this entire company was

founded on robotics?” His voice was growing with displeasure.

“I’m showing you a tremendous amount of confidence

by appointing you to this level.”

     “Well, maybe you should give it to someone who

wants it then,” Blane blurted out in a raised voice. “I’ve

put in a lot of hours on the Cube project, and I want to be

here to see the fruits of our hard labor!”

     Work had come to a halt in the laboratory as everyone’s

attention had been drawn to the aggressive conversation.

Noah fought to remain composed, but he was enraged by

Blane’s lack of respect and appreciation.

     “Look, Blane. In short, your last position revealed a

certain deficiency in your ability to work on a team, and

the Cube project requires that we are all open to—”

     “Team,” Blane shouted. “You call that a team? That

was nothing short of a daycare assignment!”

     “Really?” Noah questioned. Blane was making it easier

for him to care less about the man’s feelings. “Then I

strongly question whom it was, exactly, that was doing the

babysitting!” he challenged.

     Blane moved forward and stiffened up. He was

inches from the doctor’s face, and veins were beginning

to show on his forehead as his face turned red, but he

didn’t respond. Instead, he turned and stomped out of the


     “The manner in which you handled this subject is

very disturbing to me, Blane,” Noah called after the man.

“I’ll expect to see you in my office tomorrow morning to

discuss your future with this company!”


High up in the rafters, from a very well hidden space, beady

little yellow glowing eyes looked on with great interest at

the confrontation taking place down on the floor. Krank

sensed an opportunity, but he was leery to risk crossing

the room with angels on patrol. Instead, he exited through

the ceiling and navigated his way safely through outside

walls, attempting to intercept the angry scientist before he

lost track of him in the compound.

     Krank poked his head out into a hallway in hopes

that he had picked the correct corridor, but there was no

sign of the man. He ducked back into the wall and made

another guess. Wrong again, and, beginning to panic, the

demon threw caution to the wind and ran up and down

the empty hallways hoping not to run into an angel on

the lookout. Pay dirt! Krank found the man just before he

stormed into his apartment, and he followed him inside.

     The man stormed over to the couch and grumpily

flopped down. He reached for the remote and began to

surf through the channels. Krank moved quickly. He did

not want the man’s anger to be dulled by the mesmerizing

television, so he slithered his way over to him and crawled

up the back of the couch.

     The demon whispered thoughts into the man’s ear.

“He’s trying to faze you out,” the monster whispered.

“He’ll take credit for all of your work as well! Without

your input, he probably wouldn’t even be where he is on

the project. He’s old, and he’s feeding off the ideas of his

employees! You should make him pay … ”


Blane brooded on his couch. He was clearly enraged as

he angrily hammered the channel button on his remote.

He barely paused long enough to recognize anything as

he riffled through the channels. He’s just trying to faze me

out, he thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to take

credit for my discoveries as well. Blane’s imagination began

to run with the idea. After all, where does he think he would

be on this project without my input? His eyes narrowed. The

old man’s just feeding off the ideas of his employees! Someone

should make him pay.

     An evil grin came across his face. He would be the

one to seek retribution. Dr. Noah Crawford must pay for

his transgressions, but first he would have to get back in

the man’s good graces while he developed his plan.


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