To my dearest and most secret readers,

     Hello again and thank you for your patience. I have been working on some very important things for Dr. Crawford as of late and I haven’t had time to write to you in a while. So as a reward for all your waiting, I want to talk with you about Petra, one of my favorite angels.

     While angels are typically beautiful creatures, this young woman is on a level of her own. Of course, I speak of Petra as a female for that is how she appears, but in reality angels are spiritual beings and are not really defined by their sex as we humans are. How they appear to us has more to do with our own personification of them, allowing us to relate to them better. Petra is Miranda Crawford’s guardian angel. The two of them share a strong bond with each other. Miranda has always been the most comfortable around our spiritual comrades and she considers Petra the closest thing she has to a girlfriend.

     Stereotypically we tend to assume that men are physically stronger than woman. This is not the case with Petra. There are not many angels that can go toe to toe with this warrior and demons grow uneasy at the very mention of her name. All angels wield a weapon, usually a sword, made up of their own spiritual energy. Petra carries two swords. The first is a long Katana sword and the second is a medium-sized Wakizashi blade. Both of the weapons are reminiscent of the ancient Samurai culture. While the Samurai can claim ancestry way back to the ninth century, angels have been around since before God created the earth, leading me to wonder who borrowed the weapon’s technology from whom. Although she does not speak of it, I get the sense that there is some connection between that culture and herself.

     Petra is a loyal soldier, having complete confidence in Justice, her commander. She is quite simple and single-minded in her thinking. It is a quality that can make her seem almost child-like at times, but her devotion to God and to her mission is never in question. After all, the name ‘Petra’ is derived from the word ‘rock’ and that is exactly what she is. I will write to you again soon…

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3 thoughts on “Petra

  1. Hi Nicola, sorry it has been so long since I have responded…It is difficult to give you a direct answer to your question without knowing specifics, but I would warn you to be cautious. There is some very real and dangerous stuff out there

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