Fallen Angels

To my dearest and most secret readers,

     In the hierarchy of demons, fallen angels are at the top of the food chain.  Once angels themselves, they were shown God’s plan for the human race and given the opportunity to choose if they would follow.  Unlike ourselves, who are constantly asked to make our choices to follow or fall astray, angels were given this one chance to decide for all time.  Those who refused were cast out of heaven in the first great spiritual war.

     The leader of this revolt was Lucifer himself and he was thrown into hell along with all of his followers.  These fallen angels are the generals of the underworld.  They fight to steal as many human souls away from God as they can because they are jealous of his love for them.

     Fallen Angels are not as gangly and decrepit as many of the lower demons that they lord over, but their appearance has been twisted from its original form.  Their beautiful and powerful wings have become more bat-like as their feathers have been mutated into membrane.  Although their bodies remain more humanoid, their skin has taken on the scaliness of snakes and their nails have become claws.  Even their feet have been transformed into those of a beast.  While their deformities vary, they can no longer be mistaken as holy in any way.

     As I have said before, they are the lords of all the other demons below them and they are cruel leaders at that.  I would venture to say that the lives of those they command are barely more tolerable than those of the souls they ensnare.  They are by far the most formidable of their demonic kind and much of their strength lies in treachery, but their greatest weakness falls in their selfishness and lack of team work.  I will write to you again soon…

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