Dr. Noah Crawford

To my dearest and most secret readers,

     I hope this letter finds you all having as busy a summer as I have. If you are already a follower of this blog or are familiar with the story of Fighting with Angels then you have read about “The Great Dr. Noah Crawford” and his role in the war between the angels of heaven and the demons of hell. If this is your first visit then I will start at the beginning.

     Dr. Crawford is a scientist, vastly ahead of his time. After an impressive career with NASA he moved on to found I.D.E.A. Industries (Independent Direction of Ethical Advancements). The company leads the way in robotics and an almost unlimited spectrum of new technologies. It is the kind of work that is only speculated upon except for the fact that they’re doing it right now.

     Not long ago the man began exploring different avenues in an effort to come up with a new energy source for the planet. What he discovered instead was a gateway into the spiritual realm. While many other scientists seem to be hell-bent on explaining away the existence of God, Crawford never really gave it much thought. Rather, he remained indifferent, placing more emphasis on the practicality of moving forward with his ideas. After stumbling across what he later named ‘blue’ and ‘yellow energy’ he was forced to acknowledge the presence of a spiritual world. Logically speaking, if angels and demons exist then so must God and the Devil as well.

     God makes his presence known to different people in many different ways and this was truly an eye opener for the man. I have spoken with Dr. Crawford on several occasions and he assures me that the battle is still on going, but always encourages me to keep the faith. “God is good,” he always reminds me, “and he shepherds us through the darkest hours.”

     The scientist is a husband to his wife, Semira and father to his daughter, Miranda, who inherited all and more of his own genius. I believe I’ve written a letter about the young girl already. As I have been forced into hiding myself, I don’t feel that it would be right of me to divulge where they reside, but they are happy and a much closer family for their experiences. I will write to you again soon…

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