The Greed Beast

To my dearest and most secret readers,

     I will be the first to admit that the Greed Beast is not one of the reasons I retreated into hiding in order to deliver these messages to you.  There are a great many other forces working against me on a spiritual and psychological level that have driven me into the catacombs so that I might continue my work.  You’ll begin to understand just a few of them if you read Fighting with Angels.

     Rather, the Greed Beast is one of the ‘grunt-men’ of the Devil’s army in the spiritual realm.  It has no bearing on our world other than the fact that the source of their make up was created here.   Let me back up a moment and explain that idea.  A Greed Beast is not the kind of demon that already existed before God created man, the way that the Fallen Angels are.  They are instead, a creation of our own negative emotion and they get bigger and more numerous the more ‘greed’ enters the world.  Now, I have no way of knowing exactly how many of them there are and I surely haven’t been told the specifics of how our own greed gets translated into the spiritual world, but what I do know is that these monsters absorb it.

     They are huge masses of all the gook that our sin adds to them and as you can imagine from the very word ‘greed’, they can’t get enough.  Outwardly they appear to be made of clay or of tar or some other kind of gloppy substance and from their inception they are obese.  After that they only get bigger and bigger.  They will absorb anything and everything they can get their hands on, at least what they are permitted to by their masters.  Of course they grow in size as they consume their prey as the beast that pulled Lars into itself did.

     A Greed Beast is surprisingly agile for its size and appearance, but it is not incredibly smart.  An angel is a far more fierce opponent, but their superior talents are often challenged by the sheer numbers that often oppose them.  Perhaps a Greed Beast’s greatest talent is its resilience.  They are incredibly difficult to slay and most attacks that would prove fatal to smaller demons will only  inflict flesh wounds onto them. 

     Some might take a sick kind of pride (which is another human sin that can create a different kind of demon) from the knowledge that we have helped to create the very monsters that wage war against the guardians that have been put into place to protect us.  I prefer to pray for the strength to ward off the shame of my own weaknesses that aid in such travesties (Shame is another monster that I will have to dive into soon, but not in this letter).  I will write to you again soon…

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