The Black Knight

 The Black Knight

To my dearest and most secret readers,

     When writing about the Black Knight, I am actually referring to two different topics.  Though they are both closely related, they are as different as an object is to a personality.  The object that is up for discussion is an energy suit.  When Dr. Crawford began to play around with the possibility that the blue energy he had discovered was not the new power source he was searching for, but perhaps a porthole into another dimension, it became glaringly obvious that the Cube encasing the energy was far too stationary.  He needed a way to make the energy more mobile so that he might explore his new theory in greater depths.  That was the birth of the Energy Suit experiment.  It became apparent quickly that his daughter Miranda had the most cutting edge ideas on the project.  Together they came up with a suit that could not only generate the energy, but could also respond to the pilot’s mental commands and move as if it were an extension of the body.

     The Rock suit was the first of their creations.  It was designed to project energy outwardly so that Miranda could move around and explore the discovered dimension.  The Black Knight suit was designed next and was intended for another pilot to accompany her as her bodyguard.  Ultimately they learned that what they had discovered was not another dimension, but a spiritual realm, in which they came into contact with both angels and demons.  You can read more about that discovery in Fighting with Angels.

     The personality I mentioned also goes by the name of Black Knight, but he is much more than just the suit of armor.  When Dr. Crawford realized that his fourteen-year-old daughter was the best choice to pilot the Rock suit because of her expertise with the technology, he immediately began seeking out the best candidate to protect her.  General Dominic Brachert had loads of military experience, but the suit’s ability to give him back the use of his legs was his main motivation to get involved on the project.  After regaining that freedom you couldn’t find a time that the general was not wearing the suit.  Thus it began to feel as if the ‘Black Knight’ were the person in the room and the general had been lost somewhere inside.

     After the first incident with some of the spiritual world’s less desirables the Black Knight demanded the development of some form of artillery to aid in their defense.  The knight himself wields a large battle-axe as his weapon of choice.  He is grumpy and opinionated, but he is unmatched in his skill, making him a formidable adversary.  I will write to you again soon… 

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2 thoughts on “The Black Knight

  1. Oh yeah, great stuff man. I just wanted to leave a comment, to let you know that I found your comment on the sheep page, which was featured on the freshly pressed headliner today. I found yours to be the most perceptive, and knowledgeable piece of work on the entire page. Just an opinion I suppose. Oh, by the way, I think some guy named James Cameron stole your virtual telepathic dark vehicle idea, and incorporated it in to a very successful movie called Avatar. I wouldn’t feel too bad though; in my opinion, the rest of the movie he only reversed the narrative of Zechariah Stichin’s: (12th Planet) But, then again what do I know ? Cameron’s mind could have been the mother board of the entire movie. If he has as vivid an imagination as do you, and half the prolific ambition, I guess he could have hatched the whole thing. Anyway, great stuff, keep it going. Love it.

  2. It’s funny how good ideas seem to overlap each other. When I saw Avatar I thought, “Oh great! now everyone’s going to think that is where I based my idea,” but it just is what it is. If I have anything to hold on to, my concept gets a lot more creative then Avatar’s adaptation of “Dances with Wolves with blue people”. Thanks for your insight and I encourage you to keep checking in. I have more illustrations coming with more character info. This is just the first of a trilogy of novels and the sheep will definately continue to be led as the story develops. If you enjoy the story it would be great if you passed it on to others…

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