To my dearest and most secret readers,

     I realize that my last few letters have been a little intense.  When having discussions pertaining to such topics as angels and their demonic adversaries who can help but feel somewhat overwhelmed?  The very idea can be daunting.  I thought it might be prudent to bring things down a notch, but at the same time talk about someone I find to be no less amazing.

     I’m sure that many of us can relate with the pressures of living up to a family member’s name.  Now imagine that your father is “The Great Dr. Noah Crawford”; world-renowned scientist and inventor.  Fortunately for Miranda she has inherited all and more of her parent’s genius.  If there were a gene pool for intelligence (and who knows, maybe there already is) the Crawford family would be on the list.  From a young age, Miranda has been home schooled by her mother, Semira Crawford, out of their apartment which branches off the hidden underground laboratories of I.D.E.A. Industries.  At fourteen years of age she is truly a child prodigy and has been learning advanced college level material since she was eleven.  Of course having the right teacher doesn’t hurt.  Her mother gave up her position as a science professor at a college in Florida after Miranda was born.

     When Miranda isn’t studying with her mother, she is getting her hands dirty in the lab.  It is here that she has the advantage of working with a level of technology we can only dream of.  At first she was content with watching and learning what the other scientists were working on.  That lasted all of a week before she was ‘politely’ sticking her nose into many of the projects.  The Cube project was where she accidentally made her big break through.  After that she was allowed to ‘help out’ on the Energy Suit experiment.  I use the word ‘help’ loosely because most of the ideas (at least the ones that worked) were hers.  She has created three suits of armor that almost magically carry their occupants into the spiritual world.

     You can add bravery to the list of Miranda’s attributes as she dons one of the suits herself and was the first to open a dialog with the angels after they were discovered.  Much to her mother’s dismay, she has become a member of the team that interacts with the spiritual realm.

     Miranda is a kind and curious young girl on the verge of becoming a young woman, but she is a bit socially inept.  How could she not be?  While there are almost always plenty of scientists around to interact with, Miranda has never been around children her own age.  It’s not that her parents don’t understand the importance of that kind of social development, but it gets harder and harder to find programs to involve your child in the farther north you go and the more secluded you get.  All in all, the girl has a bright future in store for her…If she lives that long.  I will write to you again soon… 

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