Demons are real…


To my dearest and most secret readers,

     I’m going to start this letter with an apology right off the bat.  This is not a pleasant subject, but it is crucially important for you to understand that demons are real.  If this is the first time you have stumbled across one of my writings then I would suggest that you go back a few letters for a better understanding of why I am sharing this information with you.

     As I started to explain when I last wrote,  angels and demons can not control or force our actions, but they can have an influence on us in our lives.  With angels there is basically nothing to fear as our best interests are a top priority for them, but demons are opportunists.  They are clever and they are crafty and they strike at us when we are weakest.  It is amazing how a little bit of prompting can turn an uneasy feeling into a frenzied panic or anger into hatred.  Like their master they have learned to twist and distort the truth into a nest of lies.  But they are artful in their deception as well.  Rarely will their treachery be so blatant that it is completely obvious to us.  Rather they whisper to us with subtle temptation.  They bate us into following our less than perfect nature on a path away from God’s love and his plan for us.  If a demon is doing its job really well, we find ourselves too wrapped up in a web of petty distractions to notice what is going on.

     Please take note that I’m not talking about ‘possession’.  That happens far less than Hollywood would lead us to believe and a person really has to open some doors and invite that kind of thing in willingly.  Besides, the enemy can inflict far more damaging wounds using subtlety anyway.  Of course it doesn’t help that our society has a healthy obsession with the demonic.  The entertainment business makes billions of dollars exploiting the supernatural, under false pretenses, and that is precisely how the unholy are able to fly in under the radar and convince people that they don’t really exist.

     Another problem with demons is that there are so many different species to contend with.  There are the ‘Products of Sin’ such as Greed Beasts or Hate Goblins and even worse than these are the Fallen Angels.  The latter are the angels that said ‘no’ to God’s plan in a time when time was just beginning to exist.  Justice went into details about that choice in a private conversation with Joseph inside the Cube.  Some of you may remember that particular discussion from Fighting with Angels.

     I will elaborate on all of those species soon enough, but todays letter pays special attention to the Probis Reconous Demonis (that’s Latin for ‘royal pain in the butt demon’).  They are pictured above and of course I am joking about the name.  Actually there isn’t a specific name for the category of evil they fall under, but you can choose from any variation of ghoul, goblin, or gremlin if you like.  If I could, I would share with you their exact origins, but I can’t for the life of me get any kind of explanation on the subject. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that they are something other than Fallen Angels and slaves to them at that.  These guys are the worker bees of the hive and they are everywhere.

     As ugly as they are, they are no match for an angel in a one on one situation, but what they lack in individual merit they more than make up for in sheer numbers.  Some of them have wings while others are flightless.  If they are winged, they protrude from their backs like an angel’s do or they are connected directly to their underarms, but they are all bat-like in nature.  The creatures themselves are hunched over and gangly.  Whether they have pig snouts or beaks or any other sort of distorted faces, they are all sniveling and spiteful and they would just as soon stab the demon to their left in the back if  it wasn’t for fear that the one on the right would do the same to them.  As a side note, some demons do have horns, but you should get that cute little picture of the devil with a pitchfork out of your head because that’s just silly.

     I hope I have not made too light of these terrifying monsters in your mind.  While I no longer fear them because of our Lord’s promises to us, I do have a healthy respect for how dangerous they can be.  They are not to be trifled with.  The best advise I can give you is that demons hide in dark places so avoid them if you can.  No, I’m not talking about the crawl space underneath your stairs.  I am talking about the wicked and unholy places of our world and possibly in those obscure parts of us that we hide even from ourselves.  Those places provide sanctuary for demons and are their very playgrounds.  Pray for protection and you will receive it.  And stay alert, the dark places in our lives need to be identified if we are going to be freed from them.  I will write to you again soon…

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2 thoughts on “Demons are real…

  1. “…Of course it doesn’t help that our society has a healthy obsession with the demonic…”

    I contend this fascination is not so much with the demonic in particular, as with the supernatural in general, and it seems counterproductive not to acknowledge some overlap between the two. Rather, I believe that humans exhibit a ‘gateway curiosity’ (pun intended) that leads to exploration of new realms (the supernatural), and that, in any thorough exploration, dark passages must be unearthed – and sometimes explored. It’s how we learn.

    Whether you accept God as your Sovereign Deity or only as a supernatural entity, in exploring the relationship between God and Man, persons must necessarily encounter the bad guys and a record, claim, or other evidence of their presence and purpose. It may in fact be true that we HAVE to search the darkness before we see the light. It’s just how we learn.

    Perhaps this need to search the darkness is what makes up Original Sin.

  2. It is true that in ‘exploring the relationship between God and man’ we are going to run into the ‘bad guys’. It is yin and yang or the balance of good and evil. My question is, why do we RUN to the bad? Why does everybody love a good bad guy? (myself included) You are correct in bringing original sin into the conversation, but it cannot be used as the excuse because it wasn’t always there. Curiosity is not an inherently evil trait although it does get us into trouble often enough, but sometimes what is behind door number one is just a cute little bunny. Then again, sometimes that cute little bunny is angery…I’m sure we’re just splitting hares!

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