What is an angel?


To my dearest and most secret readers,

     I hope that this letter finds you well.  I feel that it is important for me to lay down a few guidelines about what we are talking about; namely the people and creatures that we are dealing with.  The first of which is the creature that has been given the name of angel.  What is an angel?  When Joseph was asked that very question at the beginning of his adventure he described them as “literary devices designed to help inspire a certain feeling of spirituality” (of course he has laughed at that explanation numerous times after discovering first hand the true nature of their existence).  If you are not familiar with Joseph you should really take the time to research my first writings in Fighting with Angels

     It is important to note that tradition hands down to us Nine Choirs of Angels.  They in themselves have a hierarchy of their own along with distinct duties which I may elaborate on later, but for now our chief concern is with the Guardian Angel.  Every one of us has a Guardian Angel assigned to us for the course of our life time.  Their role consists of guidance in both our thoughts and in our actions as well as protecting us from evil.

     How involved our angels are in our lives is ultimately up to us.  The level and depth of our relationship with God directly determines the level of interaction we have with our Guardians (whether we know about them or not) as they are intimately intertwined in that relationship.  They can not force our actions in any way but they can be of help to us if we pray for it.

     Angels have the ability to influence our dreams.  Although they primarily exist in the spiritual realm, they can also alter their own forms and have been known to appear to humans in several ways.  There have been times, although rare, that they have appeared in their full glory.  Generally that seems to be humanoid in nature with large and powerful wings that extend from their backs.  It is uncertain if that is their true form or if our own perception comes into play.  More often than that, they appear to us as humans themselves and offer aid that is not completely understood to us at the time.  They may also take on other forms that are even less obvious to us, but in no way less helpful. 

     Their ability to change appearance is due to their composition.  Angels are made entirely out of spiritual energy.  While that energy can be altered and made to feel tangible to us, it can not be scientifically explained, at least not by anyone who’s talking about it.  Dr. Crawford and his scientists are adamantly opposed to discussions on the topic (‘for our own good’ they usually add).

     At any rate, angels are formidable creatures.  I can say that even before any mention of their weapons.  And what are they protecting us from?  It chills me to discuss the matter, but for now I will only assure you that ‘demons’ can not control our actions either.  I will write to you again soon…

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8 thoughts on “What is an angel?

  1. you should have a guest book for all these misc. blog hitters to sign in on!! and how do i change my blue square, if i’m going to be a regular here, I want a fairer representation.. like hot pink.

    • A guest book is a great idea! I’m not sure how to do that yet. any suggestions? As far as your blue square you should google a question about avatars. That is what that symbol is. I was able to go in and set up mine with a picture through my blog page, but I don’t know how you would do it as a reader. I’m pretty sure it can be done though…let’s look into it together.

  2. I agree…angels are all around us. Look deeper into that one individual that inspires you so much, you almost feel as if you were in the presence of holyness. If we would all conduct our lives in a way that God has asked, we might find a bit of angel in eachother as well as ourselves!

  3. “…while that energy can be altered and made to feel tangible to us, it can not be scientifically explained, at least not by anyone who’s talking about it…”

    This is AWESOME.

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