Underground letters


To my dearest and most secret readers,

     I have been forced into hiding in the very same catacombs that the first followers of Christ stowed away in for fear of persecution.  And why am I here?  I am here because of what I know and because I choose to share what others would have remain hidden.  I know about demons, but more importantly, I know about the angels that protect us from them…

     It has become far too dangerous for me to show my face above ground anymore after the way I went about repeating the information that had been passed on to me.  If I had known at the time the consequences of listening to the Crawford’s story I may have politely refrained from the invitation, but instead I allowed my curiosity to get the better of me.  And what a story it was.  Understand from the beginning that by nature I find my self to be a skeptic.  Ironically, I think it was doubt that fueled my ambition at first, as I scrutinized every word that came out of their mouthes, looking for some small contradiction in what they professed.  The more that I listened the more I found myself drawn in and the more that I found my own life beginning to change.

     Anyone who had not known the full joy of the Lord in their heart, and now does, can tell you a conversion story.  If you listen to a hundred different people you would hear a hundred different stories.  Some conversions happen slowly and are spread out over the course of many years.  Others are baptized by fire.  Take the Apostle Paul being thrown to the ground by the voice of our Lord as an example of the later.  No one story has greater or lesser significance than another.  They are all of equal importance in God’s eyes.  Many could testify to you in five or ten minutes, but other stories take a little longer to tell…

     The Crawford’s first story of Fighting with Angels has been written down already and I have paid the price of being so public about it.  The second will have to come to you from places of hiding (like this one) as I am now on the run from those that would seek to silence me.  But fear not, as I do not fear, for the Lord is with us and the truth can not be hidden from those who seek it out.

     Until the time that the second story can be made available to you, my goal is to offer you further insight into the events that have already transpired and the roles of those involved, both good and evil.  I have been chased into seclusion, but I will not be silenced.  I have reached out through the internet and, by use of illustration and written word, I will pass the information on as it was passed to me.  From there it will be up to you what happens next.  Spread the news.  Let people know how and where to find it.  I will write to you again soon….

© Jonathan Lehnerz and Fighting with Angels Blog, 2010. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of both written and illustrated material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jonathan Lehnerz and to Fighting with Angels Blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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    • Thanks Regina, I hope that you signed up for the e-mail subscription. That way you will recieve a notice when ever I update the blot. I will probably only be weekly or so…the pictures take a while to do.

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